Good Friday 2015 – To be sin

To be sin. christ-on-the-cross-michelangelo. See for the source of the above photograph of the sketch.

Christ on the Cross: sketch by Michelangelo (c1541)

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin.

I listen as sin speaks from the Cross.

For the times you stood and watched as injustice was done, my right foot was pierced. For the times you walked away as someone suffered, my left foot was spiked. For the times you thought only of yourself and sought meaning through your possessions, the skin was flayed from my back.

For the evil that you did my left hand was impaled; for the good you withheld my right hand was nailed. For the unkind words you uttered, my face was slapped; for the evil you let entertain you, my eyes were blackened. For the fantasies you created about yourself, the lies you told and the sins you entertained in your mind, I wore a crown of thorns.

But my side was lanced to empty you of bitterness and to bathe you sweetly. And if you let me, I will pick up and carry the twisted, broken, pierced thing that you have allowed sin to make of you. I will wrap you in linen and lead you to rest. And when angels come to find you, they will not. For already you will have risen with me.

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.


Priests in Paradise: What Will They Do?

priestly ordination (9b)What is waiting for a good priest in Paradise?

He will serve at the Lord’s table. Not sit. Not be honored. He will serve.

Why would a priest expect anything less in his earthly life?

Are not the angels, created first and beholding His face, considered less than the least human child?


In Petri verbis: Religion is not like frosting

in Petri verbis

To live the faith is not to decorate life with a little religion, like a cake is decorated with a little frosting. No! It’s not that. Faith entails choosing God as a fundamental criterion of life, and God is neither meaningless nor neutral. God is love!


NABALS: Chris Christie

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to sign a bill Monday barring licensed therapists from trying to make gay minors straight.

New Jersey will be the second state to ban so-called conversion therapy, along with California.

The bill passed both houses of the Legislature with bipartisan support in June.

Gay activists pushing the ban were uncertain what Christie would do.

In a signing note accompanying the bill obtained by The Associated Press that will be made public Monday, Christie says he believes people are born gay and homosexuality is not a sin. That view is inconsistent with his Catholic faith.


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LUMEN FIDEI encyclical provisional cover_ B 13.indd

Please read it! You can find it here:

Lumen Fidei


The Beckoning Bees

I walked up the little hill with the grass
washed away by the gray rain and the brown mud
under the threatening sky that followed the steps of my journey,
to the crooked, tangled grove at its crown,
three trees I had seen from the path in the valley,
bare and sere despite the torrents and the torments of the day.

In languorous strides I had walked for so long,
walked, from sun to sun, not noticing the way,
but feeling the breeze on my damp cheeks,
how it passed through my skin like fishnet sails
or the murmurs of another’s sadness to the sad,
to seek warmth in futility from the hollows of my heart.

They stood on the hill like priests at rites,
awaiting the horizontal supplicant at last;
a blackthorn, a birch, and the oak between.
So I left my unknown road for the mire of many feet
to climb this insignificant rise as the clouds
spoke to the world in rumblings.

At the top the blackthorn beckoned with wind-whipped arms
towards me and soft meadow, small at its feet,
but clean and whole, and I thought once to lay
there but then heard the whistle through its sprigs;
the song made my skin scream and seek to turn me
inside out, so I turned instead to the birch.

A blanket of bark, white and gray, lay about the roots
of the generous birch that, leafless, stood on the mud
on the hill in the rain on that day, but too late was its gift
as in rivulets ran on its own shredded skin the soil like a blood
that is too old to clean. But I watched, and droplets
of water rained down from the branches of oak and
the birch shone.

As I turned to the tree that stood in between
at my feet I could see a sliver of white and gold
that seemed to hum and quiver. A branch of birch
I lifted, and it held seven bees, asleep in the bitter wind.
So I tucked it into the oak’s sheltering bole;
there I rested in the mud and was washed on the hill.

I have walked many places since that day;
seeing wonders and life along my path;
hearing the songs of the world,
but I never stray far from the hill
where it rains on the churned turf
and the bees call to me from the oak.

beckoning bees


Three Popes and God’s Intent

Three Popes together outline God’s intent? A wonderful collage! It may well turn out to prophecy God’s intent for the Popes, the Church, and all of us! I will pray to take it to heart.

Three popes and God's Intent

Many thanks to The Catholic Association for sharing this!

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